About Me.


Welcome friends!

As you already know, I’m a world famous thought leader often celebrated for my work as ‘Chief Cackling Cat Lady at Kitteh’s Litter Box’. But what you might not know, is that I’m also a new age nomad or otherwise, a 'modern gypsy'. That’s where I pretend to explore the world like a flea jumping from one part of a cat’s ass to another more distant part of that same cat’s ass.

In my extremely limited spare time between litter scoopings, I consider myself an enthusiast for badassery, good-natured batshittery and general mind-fuckery. Of course my powers are limitless. And other than being unapologetically vain, I like to write things, create stuff, breakdance, and manipulate the universe telekinetically.

Still, I ultimately prioritize being the best stalker I can be to my boyfriend, Mr. Axe Murderer. Which brings me to my current project: birthing our demon seed without the aid of Western Medicine.

Yes: think of me as an organic grassfed beached whale giving birth along highway 5 - but with candles, witchcraft, and jacuzzi.


About Kitteh.


Kitteh has been a vicious kitten since September 2011 and is on a paleo diet.  In his extremely limited spare time, Kitteh chews lint roller tape to get high and also digs imaginary holes and dives into them. Kitteh's other artwork includes creating secret hammocks inside mattress box springs.  As the webmaster of this site, Kitteh answers all mail directed to info@juliettefrette.com and if given the opportunity, will stick his tongue in your mouth. Like every other guy . . .

Me + Kitteh Fashion Shots


*Some click-able non-kitteh photography by Mike Danen