About Me.


Welcome friends! Many of you may know me as 'The Naughty Feminist'.

This title emerged when I became a Playboy Playmate in 2008. A freedom-loving artist, writer, women's studies grad, and vain bastard pinup model, I fancied myself a risk-taking enthusiast. Though unorthodox back then, I might be more unorthodox now.

So, what does someone like me actually DO anyway?

For the moment, I create, write and record. Specifically, I offer challenging perspectives on poignant issues and share a little bit about myself. This is all in tandem to (and sometimes complimented by) my writing. My two favorite creative activities, these mechanisms enable me to poke at our unconscious rigidity, fear, passivity and discomfort within challenging topics. Striving to both entertain and inspire critical thinking, I hope to make a corner of the world a better place with my odd expressions and unsolicited opinions.


About Kitteh.


Kitteh has been a vicious kitten since September 2011 and is on a paleo diet.  In his extremely limited spare time, Kitteh chews lint roller tape to get high and also digs imaginary holes and dives into them. Kitteh's other artwork includes creating secret hammocks inside mattress box springs.  As the webmaster of this site, Kitteh answers all mail directed to info@juliettefrette.com and if given the opportunity, will stick his tongue in your mouth. Like every other guy . . .

Me + Kitteh Fashion Shots