About Juliette.


Juliette Fretté is a mean writer and generous giver of unsolicited opinions. You can find her work in Playboy, HuffPost, The Weekly Humorist, the MegaCast podcast, her YouTube Channel and other publications that probably evaporated with the collapse of journalism. You can peruse this website - aka her *safe space* - for featured articles and short stories.

Otherwise, when she's not writing or doing strange things, she is a full time mom to Pudgealicious and a full time stalker to Super Hot Man, her fiancé. Her protégé, Kitteh, Hallowed Be His Name, handles all website inquiries and other business dealings.


About Kitteh.


Kitteh has been a vicious kitten since September 2011 and is on a paleo diet.  In his extremely limited spare time, Kitteh chews lint roller tape to get high and also digs imaginary holes and dives into them. Kitteh's other artwork includes creating secret hammocks inside mattress box springs.  As the webmaster of this site, Kitteh answers all mail directed to info@juliettefrette.com and if given the opportunity, will stick his tongue in your mouth. Like every other guy . . .

Me + Kitteh Fashion Shots