About Me.


About me... well, my journey is a fun and perhaps magical one.

I’ve done a lot of weird things like you, trying to discover passion, meaning and freedom.

I’ve been a wild creative person, a quirky writer, a Playboy playmate, a strange kind of feminist, a day job juggler and a wanderluster.

And now? I guess you might call me a responsible renegade. Because what is life for, but to take meaningful risks for meaningful rewards?

Lucky for me, both my intuitive and wayward choices have led me to my ultimate purpose and passion - my beautiful baby and my beautiful man.

So what is left to pursue now other than a means to support and inspire my loved ones in the best way possible? What if I can create, share, explore and reflect upon this crazy world and take them (and maybe even you) on this journey with me? For fun, why not live courageously and shed our fear of being wrong or right? Living powerfully, vulnerably and more beautifully may be the highest reward for all.


About Kitteh.


Kitteh has been a vicious kitten since September 2011 and is on a paleo diet.  In his extremely limited spare time, Kitteh chews lint roller tape to get high and also digs imaginary holes and dives into them. Kitteh's other artwork includes creating secret hammocks inside mattress box springs.  As the webmaster of this site, Kitteh answers all mail directed to info@juliettefrette.com and if given the opportunity, will stick his tongue in your mouth. Like every other guy . . .

Me + Kitteh Fashion Shots