About Me.


Hi friends!  I'm a new age nomad or otherwise, a 'modern gypsy'.  An enthusiast for badassery, good-natured batshittery and general mind-fuckery, my powers are limitless.  Aside from being unapologetically vain, I like to write things, breakdance, paint, create stuff, manipulate things telekinetically, and take Kitteh, my one true love, on trips around the world.  


About Kitteh.


Kitteh has been a vicious kitten since September 2011 and is on a paleo diet.  In Kitteh's limited spare time, Kitteh chews lint roller tape to get high and also digs imaginary holes in Momma's leather couch and dives into them. Kitteh's other artwork includes creating secret hammocks inside mattresses.  As the webmaster of this site, Kitteh answers all mail directed to info@juliettefrette.com and if given the opportunity, will find a reason to makeout with you.

Me + Kitteh Fashion Shots


*Some click-able non-kitteh photography by Mike Danen