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New podcast with @TheMegaCast is up! To @ImSteveMigs and @TheeTedSmith... well, always happy to make you both uncomfortable. Aaaaaaand you’re welcome!

Also in iTunes under: “The MegaCast” @999KISW



Checkout the new show with Steve Migs & Thee Ted Smith as we explore curious ways to play with your food and other adventures in awkwardness! 🍨…/audio-c…/megacast-022818-island-cruise

Also in iTunes under:
“The Megacast”
KISW 99.9 "The Rock"



New @TheMegaCast featuring farts, *varts* and other horrors is up! Find us in iTunes or listen here:


Aaaaand happy Vday! <3 Your Sandwich Bitch, @TheeTedSmith & @ImSteveMigs! – at KISW Studios



Another offensive show with @ImSteveMigs & @TheeTedSmith catered for your discomfort! Please excuse the part about sex shops, rubber torsos, belly bands & stockpiling genetic *material*. Listening link:

Or find us in iTunes under “MegaCast” 



First MegaCast Show with Steve Migs & Ted Smith of KISW 99.9 FM Seattle! Listening link:é

Or find us in iTunes under “MegaCast”